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Service – Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

Service – Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

We operate 24/7 to assist with commercial and domestic break downs of air conditioning and refrigeration.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and getting the job fixed so your business can run back smoothly to production as quickly as possible.

We make sure this is our priority as we understand the importance of production and possible loss of stock.

We repair and maintain all supermarket refrigeration, including factories and hospitals.

We also maintain and repair chillers, air dryers, milk vats, beer systems, ice machines, cool rooms,  and also commerical and domestic air conditioning systems from split systems to evaporative coolers.

Commercial airconditioning

Our  team works seamlessly together to ensure that they always match precisely the business needs of all our commercial customers and clients. We pride ourselves on being the best, we do this by taking the time to make sure correct installation and by using the best quality air conditioners. After completion we are happy to set up a maintenance schedule to ensure smooth running, efficiency of the unit. We can tailor this to suit your individual organisational needs. We have been successful in completing large projects for international, national and local companies across the region.

Call our 24/7 Phone Number 1300 856 588 or email us for the REAL service that you can trust.