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Selecting the right Commercial Refrigeration Unit for your Business

Selecting the right Commercial Refrigeration Unit for your Business

How should I select the right commercial refrigeration unit for my business needs?

Not surprisingly, commercial refrigeration units are in many ways very similar to domestic refrigerators. However, they are invariably larger, more expensive and much more technically complex.

Commercial refrigeration units are typically used in restaurant businesses to keep food cold in warm restaurant kitchens and to hold large amounts of perishable items. They are also found in convenience stores and supermarkets to hold food and beverages and in florist’s shops to keep flowers fresh. They come in so many shapes and sizes and functions, that it can be quite overwhelming, making the right choice.

Here are 4 helpful common sense, steps to assist business operators in choosing the right refrigeration unit to suit their needs.

Step 1: Assess the approximate size and capacity of the unit. Decide whether the unit needs to sit under a work bench, against a wall or an aisle (in the case of a retail store or commercial/industrial application) Write down what you want it to hold when its operating.

Step 2: Measure your space to determine how big or small the refrigerator needs to be, in order to fit the geography of your premises. Consider and measure the required height and width, also make sure to remember to measure for depth. This will enable you to identify the cubic meters of capacity required. Evaluate how much food you will need to be storing at any given time. Large commercial refrigerators are expensive and can be costly to run, so be sure to estimate correctly how large an appliance you really need.

Step 3: Decide whether you require a top mounted or bottom mounted condensing unit. Select a bottom-mounted condensing unit if you are looking for a refrigerator that is easy to clean and raised to knee level instead of sitting on the ground. Choose a top-mounted condensing unit if you don’t want to worry about debris collecting in the unit on the floor.

Step 4: Do some preliminary research to see what products are likely to suit your needs from both a functionality and cost perspective. Speak to Real Refrigeration to get some expert obligation free advice concerning the best integrated solution including warranty details of your preferred unit.

Contact your friendly, knowledgeable REAL team for the best advice and assistance.