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Wider and Longer Air Flows

Wider and Longer Air Flows

REAL & Mitsubishi air-conditioners – more expansive coverage with far greater reach…

Wide and Long airflow patterns from specially designed Horizontal Vanes ensures optimum temperature distribution and comfort, and push air into larger living spaces.

Selected Mitsubishi air conditioner models feature long-reach airflow. These models deliver an extra-wide angle airflow the distributes air evenly up to 150° laterally to assure you of far less temperature fluctuations across a much larger area.

Your range of satisfaction is further increased by the ability of this unit to extend the reach of comforting air up to 12 metres away. READ MORE from Mitsubishi

Expansive 150° airflow coverage

An extra-wide airflow system that evenly distributes air laterally up to 150° provides stable and comfortable temperatures across a much wider area. Especially effective for use in large rooms, these units offer complete coverage throughout the interior even when installed in corners.

Far greater reach

The high-power motor combines with the ‘Long Mode’ feature to push air out further for an extended airflow that can, for example, cover the corners of long living rooms or reach the kitchen in open-concept areas and studios. When the unit is operating in Long Mode, airflow can be extended as far as 12 metres.

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